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 Pastoral Council

Holy Rosary Parish Council, following guidelines from 'The Living Church', was formed in March 2016, following an eight month process involving prayer, discernment and consensus. By meeting together, members devised a mission statement and themes to influence works and actions the council will do within the parish. All council members are parishioners in Holy Rosary.










Following in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd and guided by the Holy Spirit we will develop a loving, listening and active parish community where everyone can feel welcomed and where they know that they belong and have a part to play, wherever they are on their faith journey.

The Pastoral Council is a parish group which exists to ensure that we focus on our vocation as Christians: the continuation of the mission of Jesus Christ in our time and our place. One question is at the heart of the work of every Pastoral Council: where and how is God calling us as a Catholic community? In this respect, the Pastoral Council is called to:

  • Review pastoral matters: this means finding out what happens in the Parish and to ask what else could be happening

  • Reflect: the Pastoral Council prays, discusses and discerns these matters

  • Recommend: the Pastoral Council recommends practical ways to enhance the Parish's mission according to agreed pastoral themes

  • The parish priest has ultimate responsibility for decisions regarding the parish's overall mission. The council with the parish priest are co-responsible for building a vital Christian community focussed on living and promoting the Gospel values of love, justice and peace.

When planning, developing, organising or promoting any spiritual, pastoral or communal activity within the parish, the Council ensures each activity adheres to one of three themes: 'Faith Enrichment', 'Welcome and Belonging', 'Outreach'.

Members of the Pastoral Council

Very Rev. Brendan Hickland PP

Michael McLaughlin

Catherine McIlvenna

Parish Contacts

Parish Office

Fr. Hickland

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